Social Responsibilities Policy


Our social compliance policy is based on our basic principles and values together with all of our business partners, this includes the standards that we have created in the form of teamwork. Our aim is to  ensure that the Social Compliance Policy becomes a corporate culture in our facility. Therefore, social compliance standards have been established and implemented.

In addition to creating products and services with these social compliance standards, it undertakes to grant all rights of the employees arising from the standards within the framework of the laws, to comply with the rules of occupational health and safety, to be sensitive to the environment, to establish an open and honest communication, respect and value among employees.

Social compliance policy is announced to all our employees through trainings or communication channels (dashboard, website, mail group, etc.), informing our suppliers and evaluating them according to these criteria.

Under this policy, no sanctions or punishments are applied to employees who raise concerns, concerns, or complaints. Employees use suggestions, wishes and complaints boxes created to express these concerns and complaints. Employee scan express all their opinions, requests, complaints and suggestions with the help of the boxes and these are evaluated by the Senior Management and necessary improvement activities are carried out for the areas that are open to improvement.


The Social Compliance Policy covers the following components:

•Forced Labor (Voluntary Work)

•Child Labor (Minors)

•Discrimination (Equality Approach)

•Ethical Business Behavior

•Working Hours and Wages (Salary)

•Health and Safety

•Commitment to Society and Stakeholders

•Foreign Employees

• Off Days and Holidays

•Recruitment and Employment

•Employment Agreement (Employer Agreement)

•Labor and Employee Discipline

•Environmental Protection


1.Forced Labor (Voluntary Work)

Our company cannot force any employee to labor. Working principles in our company are based on voluntary basis. In case of an employee resigns the job, the company cannot prevent or postpone it unless there are further security reasons. All information of our employees is protected and reserved by the law.

2.Child Labor (Minors)

For healthy development of children and respect for right of education, not to have employees under the age of 16 and act accordingly with the procedures and principles of youth employment,

3.Discrimination (Equality Approach)

With the ground on all employees having equalrights, it is out of discussion to discriminate for employment, paying compensation, education and promotion or end employment or make retire because of race, social class, religion, nationality, gender or political affinity,

4.Ethical Business Conduct

Our business does not tolerate any kind of corruption, fraud, embezzlement or bribery.

5. Working Hours: To conform with existing laws and legislations about working hours and extra working times due to the respect of productive working and human rights,

6. Wages and Payments: Based on the minimum wage to meet the living needs of the employees, no wages should be under the set minimum wage and all extra working hours should be paid in line with the related law

7.Health and Safety

Our business provides the creation and protection of a safe and healthy work place environment. The Company aims to ensure the continuity of our employees by creating a safe, healthy and productive work environment by minimizing the risk of accidents, injuries and all kinds of factors threatening health. In our business, care is taken to provide a workplace environment without violence,harassment, threats, abuse and disturbing conditions. All occupational health and safety rules regulated by the legal regulations are applied in our company.

8.Commitment to Society and Stakeholders

Our facility is committed to bond with its stakeholders on the basis of good faith by listening to their opinions, acquiring information from them and taking into account their views. In this context, it establishes the environment in which employees can discuss their problems with the representatives by specifying the employee representatives in accordance with the legal legislation and allows them to report in writing to the suggestion boxes.

Our facility gives the right of having a dialogue with stakeholders if needed

9.Employment of Foreign Employees (Employment of Foreign Workers)

In our company, for foreign employees who are employed / to be employed in accordance with our laws, the employment contracts are arranged in the language they understand. All personnel transactions from employment to termination are carried out in accordance with the legal regulations in force. Under no circumstances can the worker be charged and employed. Our company protects the legal rights of foreign workers in terms of work. Our business does not employ illegal workers.

10.Off Days and Holidays

Our employees are not deprived of rest and holidays within the framework of their legal rights. Employees who work six days a week are given a one-day week holiday.

11.Recruitment and Employment

The vacant positions required by the management of our company are identified and the company management employs them in accordance with the law and within the framework of certain rules (egalitarian approach, leave, wage, holiday,employment contract, etc.).

12.Employment Contract (Employer Contracts)

An “Indefinite Term Employment Contract” is prepared between our company and the person to be employed, in accordance with the workplace and the law and including the conditions proposed to the candidate personnel. Employees who accept to start the task are expected to signed “Indefinite Term Employment Contract”. An copy of the employment contract is given to the employee in return for signature, and all the rules and rules required by our company and the job are transferred to the relevant personnel through orientation training.

13.Work and Worker Discipline

Disciplinary rules determined by the disciplinary committee are applied in order to ensure disciplined work by our management. The Company may not impose any wage deduction to discipline its employees. All our employees carry out their work by acting in accordance with the instructions of the working rules.

14.Environmental Protection

We manage the environmental impacts that may arise from all our activities with a sense of  responsibility. In all our activities, we identify and implement all kinds of improvement and development activities that will eliminate or minimize environmental impacts and use natural resources in the most efficient way.

All the principles in this policy document are put into practice with the necessary regulations and the level of the applications is controlled by the related units. We consider the success of our company in social responsibility practices as an important criterion in the valuation of our company performance. This policy document, KOTONTEKS TEKSTİL TİC. VE LTD. STI. has been prepared to share with all our employees, all our stakeholders and all our business partners a clear commitment that we will fulfill our responsibilities for a better world and future.

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